Photography as a Passion

From my Childhood I have been fascinated by techniques of photography. During school and college days , I used a Yashica Rangefinder Camera. After That I used a Sony point & shoot Digital Camera.

Upon purchase of DSLR,  which  had  a high price tag, very complex, heavy weight and big size,  I used to  shoot everything in auto mode,  thinking  that  the camera will do all  the  work for me. To be honest  I don’t even remember changing any camera settings, because I didn’t care. If a picture didn’t come out right, I used to blame the camera. Now that I know how to use a DSLR,  I realized  that it was me who didn’t know how to take pictures, not the camera.  It was my learning appetite which made to familiar  with ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Sunny 16 rule, Ev, 18% gray, Depth of field Calculation, Focal length, Metering,  Bulb mode, etc.. Today I prefer to  click in MANUAL mode. Thanks  to, one of the best site for beginers.